Sarasota Animal Control

Address: 242 S Washington Blvd

City: Sarasota

State: Florida

ZIP: 34236

Getting rid of Nuisance wildlife once it has gotten into your home or attic can be very tricky. You should always call a Sarasota Animal Control to remove the animals from the attic. Raccoons can be very dangerous when confronted in the attic, raccoons normally go into the attic to have their babies, so if you enter the attic you need to be care so that the mother raccoon does not try and attack you. We always start off with Raccoon Trapping in order to catch the raccoon and get the raccoon out of the attic. We will then go into the attic and find the babies and remove them by hand. We are a 100% humane trapping company, all the babies will be kept with the mother when possible and sent to a raccoon rehabilitator.

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